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Mystery 2012
What's going to happen?
My thoughts on this... 
2nd-Jun-2008 02:52 am
Hello. You know, I don't exactly know what I should post here but I will say this: I'm extremely interested in 2012 and what could possibly happen in the near future. I've been reading a lot of different books that relate to this subject and I still don't feel like I'm any kind of expert or anything and I don't think I'll ever be. I don't think that I'll ever want to be called an expert because next thing I know people start looking to me for the answer when all I would be doing is feeding them false information or who knows what just because my ego starts craving more attention. People are driven to do the most unspeakable things when they get the slightest attention from the masses. Is it really honest anymore when you are paid attention?

But anyway, I honestly don't think it's going to be the physical end of this world that we live on and what I really hope for is a new way of thinking. A neo-conscious of sorts that we could all strive to be "one." I hope that when that time comes that we are able to leave our physical bodies and float around the universe among the cosmos purely with just thought alone. It's something to really strive for. Think about it: all our wildest possibilities becoming reality for the first time and without any conflict. The thought of actually being whatever you so desire becomes available without judgment and for no price at all.

Pure enlightenment without any effort required. Believe what you want to believe and if you don't think this is possible well, at least you read it and now it's out there with more minds thinking about what was just said. Seeds that become more is all that you need. Crazy? Of course! The collective has much more and why you don't tap into it is really a shame. Explore and don't be afraid to voice things that sound too crazy for the ignorant mind. We hold ourselves back from something that can be magnificent or the end of everything that we presently know and find comfort in.

All I know is that we are the creators of our future. The majority will win in shaping and deciding what will really happen. Will you really stand by and just let whatever go when you can decide on the direction that we should be heading? Your vote really does count and I think you've already cast it. Just believe and all will be.
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