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Mystery 2012

What's going to happen?

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This community was set up to discuss the mysteries surrounding what may or may not occur on or around the year 2012.

The Mayan Calendar ends December 21, 2012.
To read more about it visit the Mayan Calendar entry on Wikipedia.

The community rules are as follows:

- If you're here to cause trouble you will be banned.
- No harassing, flaming.
- No advertising unless it is on topic.
- If someone has provided what you believe to be inaccurate information, gently point out their mistake and be sure to include a reference.
- Please, do not join to preach your religion. This community is open to studying and learning about ALL religions, not to convert or hold up one over another.
- Do not complain about people not cutting their entries. I've never had a problem with scrolling.