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Mystery 2012
What's going to happen?
27th-May-2008 04:28 pm
There are many theories about what may happen when 2011/2012 comes around. However no ones knows for sure. The one thing that I see when looking at it with the best macroscopic objective viewpoint I can achieve right now is that it is a time for opportunity. Opportunity for destruction? Possibly. Opportunity to begin a new enlightened age of mankind? Possibly.

Like all things in the future, we decide them by our current actions. What we do now with the opportunities we have day in and day out will determine what we manifest tomorrow. If we keep voting Presidents in like George W. Bush then we will have more wars, more unstability, and especially more fear.

More then examining the actions we are taking, it is extremely helpful to examine the actions we aren't taking.

Here is an awesome quote...

"How much human life is lost in waiting?"

Well if each and everyone of you keeps waiting to follow your heart, your deepest inner calling, etc then the human life lost will be grand. Maybe grand enough to start human civilization all over again.

It doesn't have to be that way though. Follow your heart. Follow what makes you truly happy, what brings great joy into your being. Follow your bliss, your inspiration. Have faith, not in some crazy thing outside of yourself, but have faith within yourself and within all of human and all of creation. Humans aren't born just to die. All of creation wasn't created to just end. Everything has purpose. Even if you can't understand it or see it, believe that there is always a higher purpose going on.

Let go of your microscopic subjective experience and open yourself to something more...

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