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Mystery 2012
What's going to happen?
Thousands of Dutch Prepare for 2012 Apocalypse 
24th-Jun-2008 11:21 am
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, June 23 (UPI) -- Thousands of people in the Netherlands say they expect the world to end in 2012, and many say they are taking precautions to prepare for the apocalypse.

The Dutch-language de Volkskrant newspaper said it spoke to thousands of believers in the impending end of civilization, and while theories on the supposed catastrophe varied, most tied the 2012 date to the end of the Mayan calendar, Radio Netherlands reported Monday.

De Volkskrant said many of those interviewed are stocking up on emergency supplies, including life rafts and other equipment.

Some who spoke to the newspaper were optimistic about the end of civilization.

"You know, maybe it's really not that bad that the Netherlands will be destroyed," Petra Faile said. "I don't like it here anymore. Take immigration, for example. They keep letting people in. And then we have to build more houses, which makes the Netherlands even heavier. The country will sink even lower, which will make the flooding worse."


I should totally be doing this..

(Deleted comment)
24th-Jun-2008 07:36 pm (UTC)
TOTALLY agree!!
5th-Jul-2008 05:13 pm (UTC) - 2012 - All round confusion!!!
Hi all,
Recently got into this by accident....well actually watching the history channel recently.
Is it really a coincidence or are these prophecies an actual account of what was said/written.... i mean not only the Mayan Calendar but you got the Vedic teachings then I ching Predictions, followed by the Hopi Tribe of North America and a variety of other prophecies. Then there is the supposed Galactic Alignment of sort all happening in and around Dec 2012!!!!
What i would like to know is the actual Science behind the alignment and if it is Not going to happen {as some have stated}, then how come something will occur on the 21st Dec 2012, which only occurs once every 26,0000 years or to be precise 25,800 years.
The general consensus points to a cosmic shift of reasoning towards the spiritual in and around this date.Whatever the outcome the current situation we are experiencing in the world needs to change or we are doomed anyway
5th-Jul-2008 10:43 pm (UTC) - Re: 2012 - All round confusion!!!
Yeah, I know, it's like every one and their Mother is like;

Zomg!! 2012!! We all gonna die !! eleventy-one!!!

I know, not much help, but I noticed this as well, every time I start to look up things I just get real depressed.

Oh, well, I guess I'll get some guns and kill some rich ppl..

Mmmm, killing rich ppl, I will get indescribable amounts of pleasure and satisfaction from that...
17th-Jul-2008 10:45 pm (UTC) - Re: 2012 - All round confusion!!!
Hi & sorry not come back here for a little while, been busy with life's boring,mundane and at times useless activities!!
I have funny feeling what needs to happen is the masses to actually highlight the possibilities of 2012. I mean and it is extremely suprising, in England very few know anything of it!!!
We need to get a great discussion / debate filtering through all media, {internet,TV,Radio,Mobile phones}. Once this becomes a frenzy the 'big boys'{controlling powers},will need to sit up and listen!! This is what i think may create this BIG Change building up to 2012! If the world knew or even just anticipated and then questioned our very existence may just result in a Cosmic Change.....Let's not let this die or become a 'Damp Squid'....STIR it up...TELL everyone, even if they don't want to listen and WE will feel the change happen!!
C ya
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